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Delhi Dialogue launched by unveiling the agenda for youth & students of Delhi

AAP unveils its agenda for the youth & students of Delhi

·         Student loan for college going students will be easy and hassle free

·         20 new colleges will be opened in outer Delhi

·         55,000 job vacancies in Delhi government, boards and corporations to be immediately filled-up

·         Degree, Income, WiFi. Aam Aadmi Party Laayi

·         Delhi will be a drug-free national capital

Delhi Dialogue launched its first round of public meetings on Saturday afternoon (November 15 2014), at the historic Jantar Mantar, where the youth of Delhi were brimming with ideas and confidence for the conference followed by an evening of musical concert.  

This conference focused on issues related to youth, which were broadly divided into sectors/focus areas such as jobs, employment, skills, sports, culture, art and technology. 

Over the past two weeks, the Aam Aadmi Party’s Delhi Dialogue team led by Ashish Khetan, Meera Sanyal and Adarsh Shastri met with stakeholders on these issues ranging from bureaucrats, government employees and elected representatives, businesses, non-profits, journalists and other interesting persons with expertise.

They also engaged with several student groups and leadership organizations, along with youth brigades. Based on these roundtables, the AAP has developed a 5-point agenda plan that was unveiled for the youth at this event. However, this list is not set in stone and is open to amendments, revision and discussion. 

At the event, elaborate talks on the current status and future of various issues mentioned above were delivered by party thought leaders including Yogendra Yadav, Meera Sanyal, Adarsh Shastri and independent idealogues like Shri Atul Bhatnagar, COO of the National Skill Development Corporation and Shri Mahesh Murthy, a renowned venture capitalist. 

Former Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal concluded the first half of the programme by laying down the slogan for the youth – “Degree, Income, WiFi. Aam Aadmi Party Laayi”.

The following big agenda items were announced: 

1.   Higher Education Guarantee Scheme: Students passing out from Delhi schools who wish to pursue any diploma or degree course after class 12, should be given a loan by banks with only one criteria, the securing of admission. The loan should cover their tuition fees as well as the cost of the stay. The loan repayment should have a moratorium for the period of education and one year thereafter. No student will be rejected a loan.

2.   AAP will open 20 new Delhi colleges on the outskirts of Delhi by creating partnerships with our local villages.

According to the National Sample Survey and various other estimates, there are about 3-5 lakh unemployed people in Delhi. However, this estimate is far too low considering the many manifestations of disguised unemployment and underemployment. To make an attempt to crack this issue: 

1.   AAP will fill 55,000 immediate vacancies in the Delhi government and the autonomous bodies of GNCT Delhi.

2.  AAP will promote vocational education and skill-development of Delhi's youth in schools and colleges, to bridge the real skill-gap in Delhi. We will create the Delhi Skill Mission that will enable the skilling of 1 lakh/year for the first two years, ramped up to 5 lakh/year for the next three years of an AAP government.

3.   AAP will create an ecosystem to empower private industry to create more jobs and grow at a faster trajectory than the current projections for Delhi job numbers.

4.   The government will help transform invention to innovation by setting up technological incubators in universities and colleges.

5.  AAP will create innovative and private startup accelarators to provide support to entrepreneurs. We will start with providing 3 million square feet as part of the pilot test project.

6.  We will create sports facilities, infrastructure and effective human resource management for athletes, especially from Delhi’s rural and urban villages.

7.  We will utilize and open up Delhi’s sports stadiums and complexes to its youth and also open government school fields and facilities to every child to play.

8.  We will make Delhi a drug-free city

9.  We will make Delhi a wifi-enabled city.

However, the evening did not fade away into oblivion with some expert speeches and political agenda. A wonderful evening of entertainment and comedy was created by Bhagwant Mann, Raghu Ram along with Jasleen, Swaratma and Vimlendu Jha.

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