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"दिल्ली ने पुकारा, केजरीवाल दुबारा" - The journey of AAP from Movement to Government.

Watch the story of how AAP evolved from a movement to form the Delhi government. How it started taking important decisions quickly to help citizens get relief on water, electricity, corruption, transportation, education, health services etc. How BJP & Cong colluded to block its functioning and take advantage of its minority status to force it down on critical reforms on corruption. See what citizens of Delhi feel about the brief government that worked ceaselessly for people. How they miss its administration that brought them relief on prices, from bribe seeking officers and that worked for them. See why majority in Delhi are saying - Delhi ne pukara, Kejriwal Dobra ("दिल्ली ने पुकारा, केजरीवाल दुबारा")

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